Tumblr Inspiration

1) Disappointed I couldn't attend any London Fashion Week shows, I am definitely going next time  -Anita
2) ♥ 
3) Plants have been all over my Instagram feed - Apart from being cute decors for your bedroom, plants can also be used to cleanse a house from bad energy. - Danako
4) Debating on whether I should get a spectrum piercing.  - Danako
5) "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" - Rachel Zoe
6) Can summer hurry up? - Anita
7) Our obsession with gemstones is forever increasing, the beauty real gemstones possess is something that cannot be replicated easily. In addition, they are unique to the person who owns them as well as owning their own properities. - Anita
We are currently starting a shop on etsy, where we are selling some piece - 


9) I love the shape of these glasses and the clear frame, they are perfect with any outfit plus they are simple yet fashionable. I really hope they suit my face when I get them - Danako 

*All images are from Tumblr except the succulent plant which belongs to us 

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